Private - Successful Womens Leadership (2 Days)
About course

Women pursuing project management and other leadership positions typically experience many challenges different from their male colleagues. This course focuses on the practical knowledge and skills necessary for women to meet these challenges through effective leadership. The course will start by explaining the business case for gender equity. The course will also cover the researched, perceived, and systemic differences in leadership for women and men, along with use of the servant leadership model. Major focus areas of the course include how women can be successful negotiators and communicate effectively as leaders. Career management suggestions for leveling the playing field, including how to take advantage of development opportunities, and the use of sponsors and mentors will also be presented. Attendees completing this course will earn 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Who should attend

This course will benefit women in their career progression to project manager or other leadership roles within the organization. Men pursuing careers as project managers, who want to learn more about potential unconscious biases or potential systemic barriers, will also benefit from this course.

Course features

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the business case for gender balance
  • Explain the differences in leadership for women and men
  • Implement career management practices for leveling the playing field
  • Communicate with a leadership presence
  • Explain the differences between men and women in negotiations
  • State the skills required to lead men and women using the servant leadership model
Course outline

Day 1

  • Quick Start
    • Safety & Comfort Instructions
    • Introductions & Key Takeaways
  • Module 1: Business Case for Gender Equity
    • Business Case for Gender Equity
    • Exercise 1: What’s the Difference?
  • Module 2: Women’s Leadership in Today’s Culture
    • Learned and Biological Differences in Leadership for Women and Men
    • Practicing Servant Leadership
    • Exercise 2: Assessing Leadership Skill
  • Module 3: Career Management
    • Posting for Internal Positions
    • Mentors and Sponsors
    • Exercise 3: Analysis: Your Career Network
    • Leadership Development: The 3-Legged Stool
  • Module 4: Leadership Presence
    • Communication: Interpersonal and Meetings
    • Exercise 4: Skills Practice
    • Presentation Skills
    • Exercise 5: Brief Presentation


Day 2

  • Module 4 Continued: Presentations
    • Wrap-up Exercise 5
  • Module 5: Negotiating
    • Perceived and Documented Negotiation Differences Between Women and Men
    • Exercise 6: Perceptual Challenges for Women Negotiating
    • Characteristics of Master Negotiators
    • Exercise 7: Vendor Negotiation
    • Identifying Issue Types and Resolutions
    • Negotiating Intangibles
  • Module 6: Leading Your Team
    • Choosing Team Members and Ad Hoc Resources
    • Leading During Adversity
  • Course Wrap-up
    • Discussion: Review of Key Leadership Concepts and How to Apply Them
    • Final Review Test
Course information
Duration: 14 hours
Earn: 14 PDUs
Delivery Method: Traditional Classroom