Private - Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP)® Exam Preparation (3 Days)
About course

This 21-hour course provides an extensive review of the subject matter tested on the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) examination. The course covers A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, (BABOK® Guide v3). During the course, the business analysis knowledge areas, underlying competencies, and techniques are comprehensively covered. In addition, attendees will improve their test-taking skills by working with sample questions. The course manual includes a practice exam consisting of 150 questions, along with explanations for the correct and incorrect answers. This course is specifically designed to maximize the probability that attendees will succeed in passing the examination.

Who should attend

All individuals who plan to take the IIBA® CBAP® examination should attend this course.

Course features

The course emphasizes the knowledge areas and techniques of the IIBA® A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, (BABOK® Guide v3), which serves as the basis for the CBAP® certification examination. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in each of the knowledge areas and techniques
  • Understand the answers for sample exam questions
  • Develop a personalized strategy for passing the CBAP® exam
Course outline

Introduction and CBAP® Program Overview

  • Applying for and Taking the Exam
  • Study Materials

BABOK® Guide v3 Framework

  • Core Concept Model
  • Overview of Knowledge Areas 
  • Task Inputs/Outputs, Elements & Guidelines
  • Tasks Overview for Context and Governance

Business Analysis Value and Strategy Analysis

  • Analyze Current State – Define Future State
  • Assess Risks and Define Change Strategy
  • Project Selection and Feasibility
  • The Decision Package

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 

  • Plan BA Approach and Stakeholder Engagement
  • BA Governance and Information Management
  • Identify BA Performance Improvements

Elicitation and Collaboration 

  • Prepare for and Conduct Elicitation 
  • Confirm and Communicate Results
  • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration 

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • Specify and Model Requirements
  • Verify and Validate Requirements
  • Define Architecture and Solution Options 
  • Analyze Potential Value and Recommend Solution

Solution Evaluation

  • Assess Proposed Solution
  • Validate Solution
  • Evaluate Performance

Requirements Life Cycle Management

  • Trace Requirements to Objectives and Scope
  • Maintain and Prioritize Requirements 
  • Access and Approve Requirements Changes
Course information
Duration: 21 hours
Earn: 21 PDUs
Delivery Method: Virtual or Traditional Classroom
Knowledge areas addressed

This course addresses all knowledge areas of the IIBA® A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, (BABOK® Guide v3).