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How can I obtain proof of my PDU/CDU from on-demand learning?

All PMCentersUSA on-demand offerings that provide PDU/CDU credit are delivered through PMCentersUSA Learning. PMCentersUSA Learning is a Learning Management System (LMS) to track all of your training and make it easy to obtain proof at any time of your training.
Viewing my Completion Certificate
  • Login to your PMCentersUSA Learning account
  • Select the My Learning tab
  • Select All Learning Activity -> My Completed Courses
  • Select Actions -> Print Certificate to view your course certificate, which displays the course code and the number of PDUs / CDUs earned
  • Submit your PDUs or CDUs online to PMI or the IIBA
For questions regarding attendance in our programs prior to March 2013, please call 1-888-762-3683.

How do I understand PMI’s Talent Triangle and the changes to CCR program?

PMCentersUSA has created a webinar that explains the changes to PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program. This complimentary webinar covers the changes to the education and giving back to the profession categories and includes a timeline for when the changes will take effect. To view this webinar, please visit: /free-webinar/changes-to-ccr-program/

How long are on-demand learning materials available?

Once you purchase on-demand learning, you have unlimited access to the materials for that offering for as long as you maintain your free PMCentersUSA Learning Account.
To download the student manual for on-demand learning:
1.) Go to www.pmcentersusa.com
2.) Click Learning Login
3.) Login with your username and password
4.) Click the My Learning tab
5.) On the left select either In-Progress Learning or All Learning Activity >> My Completed Courses
6.) Locate the proper offering and select Actions >> View Learning Assignments
7.) Click Launch next to the slides/student materials you wish to see
To access an on-demand learning:
2.) Click Learning Login
3.) Login with your username and password
4.) Click the My Learning tab
5.) On the left select either In-Progress Learning or All Learning Activity >> My Completed Courses
6.) Select the offering's name
7.) In the Learning Assignments section select Launch next to the session you would like to review

How do I claim my CDU with the IIBA?

​Instructions for Reporting IIBA CDUs for CBAPs: PMCentersUSA's live or on-demand webinars do not qualify for Professional Development (PD) hours toward initial Certified Business Analysis (CBAP®) certification.

How do I claim my PDUs with PMI? ‎

​Instructions for Reporting PMI PDUs:
  • Visit https://www.pmi.org/certifications/faq for specific direction on reporting PDUs
  • You will need the learning activity name and number for the course or webinar you attended.
  • This information is included in the student manual.
  • You will need the PMCentersUSA provider number (1016) and address (634 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238).
  • Each on-demand webinar is worth 1 Category A PDU.
  • Course PDUs vary based on number of hours. See student manual for PDU information.

Do I need to complete the on-demand training all at once?‎

No, you can start and stop any on-demand training at any point in the recording. If you begin the on-demand training and need to finish it at another time, you have the option to pick up where you left off the next time you log in.

Can I view a list of all the courses I’ve attended? ‎

Yes, our LMS maintains an accurate record of all attendance as of March 5, 2013.
  •  Login to your PMCentersUSA Learning account
  • Go to the “My Learning” tab on the left hand side
  • Click “All Learning Activity ”
  • Click  “My Completed Courses”

Can I substitute on-demand webinars or courses in the pre-selected discounted packages?

No, we are not able to provide substitutions for any of the on-demand offerings included in our pre-selected discounted training packages.

What discounts are available to me?

​PMCentersUSA has established corporate discounts with many companies and also runs promotional offers throughout the year. If you are aware that your company has an established corporate discount with PMCentersUSA, please fill out this form to be added to that group. http://www.pmcentersusa.com/Pages/forms.aspx If you are unsure whether your organization has an established discount, or for information about our current promotions, please call 1-888-762-3683Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

I have taken previous training through PMCentersUSA, am I entitled to a discount on additional training?

Yes, we have a discount that you can take advantage of once you join our PMCentersUSA Alumni LinkedIn Group.  Enter the exclusive discount code mentioned in the LinkedIn group during the check-out process in PMCentersUSA Learning to receive 20% off all training. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts

Do USA Military Service Members and Veterans receive a discount on training?

Yes, USA Military Service Members and Veterans receive a 20% discount, which may be used in addition to any current public promotions. However, this discount cannot be combined with other discount codes. Please call 1-888-762-3683 in order to receive the discount.

Do PMI or IIBA members receive a discount on training?

Yes, PMI and IIBA members receive a 10% discount, which may be used in addition to any current public promotions. However, this discount cannot be combined with other discount codes. Please call 1-888-762-3683 and have your PMI or IIBA member number ready in order to receive the discount.

Can PMCentersUSA present for my company or Chapter?

All speaking engagements are considered.  To speak with us about the details of your event, please call 1-888-762-3683.

What is PMCentersUSA's address and phone number?

PM Centers USA, LLC 634 Alpha Drive R.I.D.C. Park Pittsburgh, PA 15238 Phone: 888-762-3683

What are the addresses for PMCentersUSA's training facilities?

PMCentersUSA 634 Alpha Drive RIDC Park Pittsburgh, PA 15238
University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business 5th floor, Alumni Hall 4227 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260

How can I provide comments / feedback to PMCentersUSA? ‎

​Your feedback is very important to us. Please take a moment to fill out our brief online form. /contact/  

How do I retrieve my username or password?

​Your username should be the email address that you used to create your account. To retrieve your password:
  • Click the link “Forgot Your Password?” at http://pmcentersusa.sabanow.net
  • Enter your username (email address)
  • Select “Send Password”
  • The password should arrive in a few minutes to the email associated with your account. Be sure to check your SPAM folder. If you didn’t receive anything by email after 5 minutes, try registering for a new account with your current email.

How do I edit my Learning Account profile?

To make changes to your Learning account profile:
  1. Log in to your Learning account https://pmcentersusa.sabacloud.com
  2. Select the "My Profile" tab
  3. To change your basic information, click on "Edit Profile Snapshot"
  4. Update your information
  5. Click Save

How do I create a PMCentersUSA Learning Account?

  1. ​​Click the Learning Login link in the top right corner of PMCentersUSA's home page.
  2. Select the Signup Link
  3. Fill out the brief online form and click “Save.”
  4. Record your username and password someplace safe so you can retrieve it when necessary.

What is the refund policy if PMCentersUSA cancels a traditional classroom course?

PMCentersUSA Cancellation Policy: Public classroom training is subject to cancellation by PMCentersUSA. If PMCentersUSA cancels a training event, PMCentersUSA will work with the student to reschedule them to a future offering of the event, issue a full refund, or reschedule the student for an alternative course. If PMCentersUSA cancels a course, PMCentersUSA assumes no responsibility for nonrefundable airline tickets or lodging expenses. For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact PMCentersUSA Customer Service at (888) 762-3683.
Private Course Cancellation/Attendee Transfer Policy: Client cancellations of on-site and virtual courses must be received in writing more than 14 calendar days in advance of the course start date. Cancellations not received within this timeframe are subject to the entire course fee and any incurred expenses. When clients schedule a private course for a minimum number of attendees, it is their responsibility to fill the course. If the client wants to substitute attendees for any reason (while not exceeding the maximum student count), they may do so up until 5 business days prior to course delivery by notifying their PMCentersUSA Sales Representative or calling Customer Service at (888) 762-3683.

What is the refund policy if a student cancels or cannot attend a traditional classroom course?

Public Classroom Courses  Student Cancellation Policy: Cancellations for public classroom training must be received in writing no later than 16 calendar days before the course start date to be fully refunded. Cancellations not received within this timeframe are subject to the entire course fee. However, individuals may reschedule to a later offering of the course or transfer to another PMCentersUSA course without penalty up to 16 calendar days prior to the start date of the course by contacting PMCentersUSA Customer Service (888) 762-3683. Individuals may send a substitute to the course in their place without penalty up to 1 business day prior to the start date of the course by contacting PMCentersUSA Customer Service (888) 762-3683. No-shows cannot transfer payment to another course and will not receive a refund.

Does PMCentersUSA guarantee its traditional classroom training courses?

We believe that our traditional, university alliance training programs will prepare you to pass PMI® and IIBA® certification exams on the first try. Our certification preparation programs include the PMI® CAPM®, PMP®, PgMP®, and the IIBA® CCBA® and CBAP®. If you don’t succeed in passing an exam after you've completed our program, we will provide you with additional exam preparation materials at no charge and offer you the opportunity to re-take the exam preparation course.

Does PMCentersUSA ever cancel a traditional classroom course?

​All courses are subject to cancellation based on enrollment.  PMCentersUSA will make a decision no later than two weeks prior to the date a  traditional course is scheduled to begin. In the event that a course is cancelled, student will have the opportunity to reschedule or receive a refund.

Can PMCentersUSA deliver a course at my company's site?

If your company needs to train a group of 10 or more, then we can schedule a private course at your company’s site. For more information about private, on-site training opportunities, please call 1-888-762-3683.

What payment methods does PMCentersUSA accept?

Online, we accept credit card payment including; Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Alternate payment methods can be discussed by contacting us such as, American Express and the use of P.O.s or invoicing.

What is the deadline to register for on-demand learning?

On-demand learning is self-study, learn at your own pace training and is always available within the PMCentersUSA Learning Management System. There is no deadline to register for training that is delivered on-demand.

How do I register for on-demand learning?

For on-demand learning:
1. Find the course or package page on www.PMCentersUSA.com and click on “Register" at the bottom 2. Login or create a new account via the “Sign Up” link 5. Click “Register” next to the date and time you wish to attend 6. Click “Confirm” 7. Enter payment information 8. Click “Place Order”

How do I register a group of people for traditional classroom training?

To register a group of people for  traditional classroom training, please call us at 888-762-3683. Our Sales staff can help you determine how training can best be delivered to your group whether it be public training at one of our instructor-led locations or delivered privately to your group at your own location. If you have 15 people or more, we recommend a private training class.

How do I receive confirmation that I am registered for on-demand learning?

​Following the enrollment process online, you will be shown a printable receipt/confirmation. Additionally, you will receive an email from Registrar@PMCentersUSA.com confirming your registration. If you do not receive an email, please check your SPAM folder. If you do not receive the email confirmation within 24 hours of registering in our LMS, please call us at 1-888-762-3683 or contact us via “Live Chat.”

What are the system requirements to attend on-demand learning in the Saba classroom?

Software Requirements for Browser Client
Headsets are not required for on-demand learning, however you will need a computer with speakers or headphones.
To see if your system meets the requirements, you can visit: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/
Java   Operating System Windows
  • Windows XP SP2, SP3 Professional
  • Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 Desktop Mode, Windows 8.1 Desktop Mode, Only the desktop mode is supported. The metro mode is not supported.
  • Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6)
  • Apple Mac OS Lion (10.7)
  • Apple Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • Apple OS X Mavericks
  • Supported when using Firefox
  Browser Windows
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Some customers report issues with IE 10 and 11 mostly due to existing configuration with other software on your machine. PMCentersUSA recommends using Firefox to join the virtual session instead of IE 10 or 11.
  • Firefox 10 ESR
  • Firefox 12 or higher
  • Chrome 15 or higher
  • Apple/Mac
  • Firefox 10 ESR
  • Firefox 12 or higher
  • Chrome 15 or higher - Please note that the default security settings in recent versions of Google Chrome will disable the playback of Flash content. You must explicitly enable the Flash to allow content to display. To enable Flash on your Chrome browser, click on the icon that looks like a padlock in the browser URL bar, then click on "Site Settings," and select "Allow" for the Flash plugin.
  • The Mac default browser, Safari, typically prevents the java applet controlling the browser client from running. This can be difficult to resolve, so Safari is no longer a supported browser for PMCentersUSA Learning.
  • MemoryWindows
  • P350+ MHz, 128+ MB memory
  • Apple/Mac
  • G4 700 MHz PowerPC, 384 MB memory
  • Internet Connection: Local Area Network or Broadband connectionMobile Apple Users
  • Download the Saba Meeting application, free in the iTunes store.
  • Android Users
  • Download the Saba Meeting application, free in the Google Play store.

I am having trouble accessing my on-demand learning or I'm having audio issues.

PMCentersUSA Learning uses Saba to deliver all on-demand learning. Saba provides instructors and learners with a rich tool set to collaborate and learn. In order for all features to work properly, your corporate IT Helpdesk may need to assist you in making sure your system is compatible with Saba. Networking
FQDN IP Address Outbound Ports
mt205css1.sabameeting.com TCP/UDP 80 TCP/UDP 443 TCP/UDP 1709
mt205css2.sabameeting.com TCP/UDP 80 TCP/UDP 443 TCP/UDP 1709
mt205css3.sabameeting.com TCP/UDP 80 TCP/UDP 443 TCP/UDP 1709
mt205.sabameeting.com TCP/UDP 80 TCP/UDP 443 TCP/UDP 1709

Do I need specific equipment to attend on-demand learning?

A computer with speakers is all that is required for on-demand learning. If your computer does not have speakers, headphones may be used. Headsets may also be used for on-demand training however courses and webinars do not require the use of a microphone. All event Audio is done through your computer and internet connection.  There is no telephone number to dial in for audio.
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