7-Hr Requirements Elicitation Techniques
About course

Requirements are the foundation for the solution to the business need. Studies repeatedly find poor requirements are the leading cause of project failures. This course will briefly review the sources and types of requirements. The elicitation process will be explained from preparing for elicitation, conducting elicitation, documenting and confirming project requirements. Common techniques for eliciting requirements from project stakeholders will be reviewed, including brainstorming, document analysis, focus groups, interface analysis, observation, prototyping, requirements workshops and surveys. A focus of this course will be interviews since it is the most frequently used elicitation technique. Types of interview questions and best practices for preparing questions will be discussed. The final topic will be methods for testing project requirements for completeness and correctness.

Who should attend

This course will benefit business analysts, programmers, project managers, executives, functional managers, and any other individuals interested in improving their effectiveness in eliciting project requirements.

Course features

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the various sources of requirements
  • Know the different types of requirements
  • Use many of the common methods to elicit requirements
  • Explain typical problems with the elicitation process
  • Use methods for confirming project requirements
Course outline

Overview of Elicitation

  • Why Projects Fail 
  • Types of Requirements
  • Elicitation Processes
  • Role of the Business Analyst


Interviews and Questioning Techniques

  • Interview Success Factors
  • Designing the Interview
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Using Closed and Open-ended Questions
  • Clarifying with Questions


Other Elicitation Techniques

  • Brainstorming
  • Document Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Interface Analysis
  • Observation 
  • Requirements Workshop
  • Surveys


Document & Confirm Elicitation Results 

  • Verification versus Validation
  • Requirement Reviews
  • Quality Checks

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Course information
Duration: 7 hours
Earn: 7 CDUs
Delivery Method: Virtual or Traditional Classroom