Project Management/Agile Specialty Staffing Solutions
Project Management/Agile Staffing

In today’s fast-paced business climate, organizations are finding that the demand for skilled project managers in the US far outweighs readily available talent. PMCentersUSA has been in the business of project management for 20 years, providing solutions in professional development and consulting to support clients facing this predicament.

We’ve taken our experience as consultants and project management practitioners, combined with our Project Management Institute (PMI)® award-winning distinction, to offer an innovative specialty service to address this gap in the traditional staffing market.

Project Management/Agile Staffing as a Service

Project Management/Agile Staffing as a Service is available for organizations in need of 1-25 project management consultants for a defined SOW engagement. Our services are also available to organizations utilizing VMS to obtain specialty staffing services in the area of project management.

PMCentersUSA offers clients the ability to engage our project solutions consultants under a streamlined professional staffing service, backed by our noted Subject Matter Experts, to assist in the successful delivery of key project management initiatives.

Top 10 Benefits of this Service
  1. Access to Exceptional PM Talent in the US

    We deploy proven PMs to get your project done right, right here – ideal for projects with strict business or regulatory requirements for work to be completed in the US

  2. Cost Savings/Higher Quality

    Our service is lower cost than traditional staffing and provides PM resources of a much higher caliber – individuals with the proven competencies you need

  3. Reduced Cycle Time

    We’ll onboard from 1-25 qualified project personnel within two weeks (on average) under our proven Service Level Agreement

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We provide our promise that you’ll be highly satisfied with the team we deploy or we’ll make changes to ensure your satisfaction

  5. Managed Service

    We charge a flat monthly service fee

  6. No Risk

    We offer you freedom from concern over co-employment risk or the tenure-rule constraints often associated with traditional staffing

  7. Retention

    We compensate our personnel fairly and provide training and benefits, including retention incentives to increase their stability over the life of your project

  8. Flexibility

    We give you the ability to add or remove resources based on your changing project demands

  9. Trusted Service Provider

    We are a leader in the Project Management industry and have been a PMI® Charter Global REP assisting countless organizations across the US since 1999

  10. Highest Customer Satisfaction

    This service engages our team at the highest level and is ranked by our customers as the highest customer service offering we deliver

We serve the following industries:
  • Information Technology
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Engineering/Construction
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
More information

Call 888.762.3683 or email us to request more information about our Project Management/Agile Staffing as a Service Solution.