7-Hr Best Practices for Developing Project Resources
About course

This course covers best practices for organizing and managing the project team. The Project Human Resource Management processes from the PMBOK® Guide will be reviewed including inputs, key tools and techniques, and outputs. The advantages and disadvantages of different project organization structures will be explained. Popular motivation theories will be reviewed, along with how to apply these theories to project teams. Techniques for influencing project team member selection will be presented, along with the use of a team charter for ensuring team alignment. This course will also cover best practices for developing a high performance team. Other topics covered in this course are situational leadership and conflict management. This course includes multiple exercises to allow attendees to practice the course concepts

Who should attend

This course will help Portfolio, Program and Project Managers and Business Analysts working with project team members

Course features

As a result of taking this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the pros and cons of project team structures
  • Explain how motivation theories can be applied to project teams
  • Prepare a team charter
  • Build a high performance team
  • Manage conflicts
Course outline

Establishing the Project Team   

  • Projects and Human Resource Needs
  • Human Resource Tasks for the Project Manager
  • Human Resource Management Processes
  • Project Roles and Responsibilities
  • HR Practice Considerations
  • Organizational Structures
    • Functional
    • Projectized
    • Matrix (Strong, Weak, Balanced)
    • Making Matrix Projects Work
    • Influencing Team Member Selection
    • Setting Team Expectations using a Team Charter
    • Creating a Project Culture


Developing & Managing the Project Team

  • Dynamics of team development
  • Content Motivation Theories (Maslow, McClelland, Herzberg)
  • Process Motivation Theories (Theory X, Y and Z; Contingency, Goal-Setting, Expectancy, Reinforcement, Equity)
  • Application of Motivational Theories
  • Factors that Lead to a Motivated Team
  • Creating a High Performance Team
  • Managing Resources with Situational Leadership
  • Managing Conflict
Course information
Duration: 7 hours
Earn: 7 PDUs
Delivery Method: Virtual or Traditional Classroom