14-Hr Managing Projects Using Earned Value
About course

Earned value analysis is the most effective method for measuring project performance. This course on Managing Projects Using Earned Value will cover techniques and best practices in applying earned value on projects.  

This course will start off with a review of earned value terminology and calculations.  Moving on, this course will then describe the required elements of a project plan that makes doing earned value analysis possible. The effective development of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) will be discussed, including identification of deliverables, control accounts and work packages. The preparation of the project schedule and budget using the WBS will also be explained. With the development of an integrated project plan linking the WBS, schedule and budget, the use of earned value analysis is very easy to implement as a control tool for the project. Additionally, this course will reference and discuss examples of actual earned value use on projects and class participants will take part in many earned value analysis practice exercises.

Who should attend

This course is intended for people who are leading or actively participating on project teams where earned value analysis is or will be used. Attendees should have some basic project management knowledge and experience.

Course features

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss techniques and best practices in using earned value on projects
  • Explain why measuring project performance is important
  • Explain the terminology and calculations used in EVA
  • Prepare an integrated project plan including WBS, budget, schedule and PV curve
  • Utilize performance reporting techniques to determine progress for project activities
  • Determine project status using EVA information
  • Determine estimate-at-completion for project using EV data
Course outline

Importance of Performance Measurement

  • Individual Exercise #1: Analyze Cost Curves
  • Performance Reporting Techniques
  • Evolution of Earned Value Analysis

Earned Value Terminology

  • PV, AC and EV Defined
  • CV and SV Defined
  • SPI and CPI Defined 
  • SPI and Critical Path Scheduling
  • Individual Exercise #2: Interpreting EV Data

Progressing Techniques

  • Common Progressing Techniques
  • Individual Exercise #3: Determine Progressing Technique to use
  • Team Exercise: List examples of progressing techniques for projects

Project Cost Forecasting

  • Estimate-at-Completion Formulas
  • To Complete Performance Index (TCPI)

Why EVA Doesn’t Work

Preparing the Project Plan

  • Scope the Project Using a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Steps in Developing the Project Schedule

Project Planning Exercises

  • Exercise: Develop Schedule for Heaven Acres Project
  • Review Heaven Acres Schedule Solution
  • Exercise: Establish the Project PV Graph
  • Review Project PV Graph Solution

Monitoring Project Results

  • Reporting Results
  • Use of Adjusted Actual Cost Information
  • Exercise: Monitoring Project Results and Forecasting – Design Phase
  • Exercise: Monitoring Project Results and Forecasting – Construction Phase
Course information
Duration: 14 hours
Earn: 14 PDUs
Delivery Method: Virtual or Traditional Classroom
Knowledge areas addressed

This course addresses the following Knowledge Areas in the Project Management Institute (PMI)® A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide):

  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Cost Management 
  • Project Integration Management 
  • Project Scope Management 
  • Project Time Management